Nene Valley Boat Training is  a Royal Yachting Association Recognised Training Centre for the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman and Crew Courses.

Inland Waterways Helmsman Course

This is an intensive, mainly practical course which is taught wholly onboard our training vessel or your own boat if you have one. Our RYA Training Courses will equip you to navigate the inland waterways in a safe and proficient way, enabling you to get the most fun and enjoyment from our canals and rivers. The RYA training course is a two day course that requires no previous experience. A one day assessment available for experienced boaters.

You can see the full course syllabus here.

Inland Waterways Crew Course

This is an entry level course and can be run in conjunction with the Inland Waterways Helmsman’s course for mixed ability groups.

This course is ideal for introducing friends or family members to crewing a vessel on the inland waterways, and for giving them an understanding of how they can assist the helm.  

Your instructor will cover all the basics of being a useful crew member, including personal safety; communication on board; throwing a mooring line; some basic boat handling; helping in locking operations; how to be a good look out; what to do in an emergency and looking after the environment. Minimum age 8.


Boat Handling Experience Days

If you want to gain some boating skills without the need to take a formal qualification you can book an Experience Day for up to four people. There is no pressure to reach a set standard in any of the activities, or to cover every aspect of a course syllabus. This means you and your instructor can spend the time working on the areas you most want to improve. For first time boaters, this can be a great way to start and an excellent grounding for those wanting to gain their RYA Helmsman certificate at a later date.

Equality and Diversity Policy

NVB is committed to the principal of equality of opportunity and we will comply with the RYA's Equality and Diversity Policy 

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